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Managing Herpex Simplex and Preventing Recurrence.

One thing about sexual relations is that the other person wants the assurance that they will not be dealing with a dire disease afterward and herpes is a reason enough for them to dump you. However, what many people do not know is that this is a disease which can be managed and treated. You will not be able to handle the situation well if you are too scared to face the fact. Many people make the mistake of not seeking treatment because they are too embarrassed to face the doctor. Note that future outbreaks and even a poor prognosis can be avoided if only you take the right medications. Unless you are a doctor, you will not know the right medication which means you need to visit your physician as early as possible. Cold sores are a common symptom and how you manage them will determine the scarring and progress. No matter what you may think about the sores, washing with soap and water is all you need to keep bacteria and other disease-causing organisms at bay.

These sores heal quickly if they are exposed to the air which is why you should only apply light ointments. Make sure your physician has given you the go-ahead before you buy a cream to apply on the sores Any sore in the genital area is not good for you which means you should think of a way to ease the pain and taking a number of warm baths every day will bring the much-needed relief to you. Separate your towels such that you have one for the genitals and one of the other parts. Wash each towel after every use and use a disinfectant. Do not take this for granted because viral infections are not the easiest thing to deal with.

After toweling, blow the area dry but adjust the temperature accordingly so that you do not burn the area. The purpose of the warm air is to soothe and also dry any wet sores so that they can heal faster. To give the sores enough air, choose cotton loose-fitting underwear. Even though they are genital sores, if you touch them and other body parts the virus can be transmitted which is why you should be very careful. If you happen to touch them, sanitize your hands before you do anything else. Once the disease has remitted, future outbreaks can happen if you do not learn to control the triggers which is why you should not forget about this. Poor diet, stress, and illness are some of the common triggers.

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