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The name Koozie is an old name that started being used as a trademark name many years ago. Can cooler manufacturing company Radio Cap Corporation started using this name at the time. The coolers were unique since at the time not many manufacturers used coolers on their cans. This is why they were given the name Koozie so as to differentiate them from other cans in the market. The name has been in use since then especially in relation to cooling canned drinks.

The popularity of koozies has been on the rise in recent times with more companies adopting such methods of keeping drinks cool. More and more products have also been included in the brand of Koozies. Even with these new products, the concept of cooling is still the same. In the past, Koozies were limited to cans and bottles. This is however not the case today since there are koozies for cooler bags and other items.

What is the function of a koozie and how is it served? Well, the primary role of koozies is the cooling of drinks that are enclosed in tins, cans, bottles or bags. This is in relation to drinks that are meant to be served chilled. Koozies aid in containing any warmth in the environment hence the drinks remain cold. Warming effects that are insulated against by koozies are those from radiation, conduction and sunlight.

koozies enable one to have a cold drink even when outdoors far from any cooling equipment such as freezers. This makes outdoor activities very enjoyable. Bare in mind that outdoor activities happen far from living environment. Outdoor activities also cause exhaustion hence the need to take cold drinks. Koozies solve this problem by ensuring the drinks are cold at all times.

Many people enjoy taking drinks that have koozies. Since the koozie is an addition to the drink many people consider it a free gift by the company. It is kind of a marketing strategy because the cost implication of having koozies on your canned drinks is very low. Logos of companies are also sometimes placed on the koozie to serve as advertising or branding.

In recent times, manufacturers have come up with bound cans that consist of many cans tied together and having koozies to make very good packages. The packages become very ideal for those seeking many koozie drinks probably for outdoor events such as camping. Direct orders to large establishments is also made easy when one uses such packaged cans. Outlets in the United States for instance allow for orders of bulk tinned koozie drinks. The most ideal one however is to use websites and social media sites due to the efficiency involved. The company or supplier can then deliver the goods subject to satisfaction of all terms and conditions.

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